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Improve your Performance, make decisions quicker, train harder, set benchmarks

Rezzil - St Georges Park.jpeg

Whether you want to test yourself cognitively or physically, rent a system for a day, week, month or year, we offer packages to suit every occasion

What we offer


Rezzil Index

A suite of virtual drills designed to analyse, benchmark, educate and improve any player through a series of cognitive drills that simulate game pressure scenarios that are performed to calculate a player’s Rezzil Index.

The drills have been academically validated and are used around the world by top clubs, players and managers.

Rezzil Index is designed for football clubs, academies and educational institutions to provide athletes with unique data regarding their cognitive performance. We can easily test skill but how can we improve decision making, how can we improve playing under pressure, with Rezzil we now have the opportunity to do this. 

The Rezzil Index is a unique contextual cognitive performance platform that measures player capabilities and helps develop the traits seen in the world’s best players. 

The test takes around 20 minutes to complete and can be used to benchmark large groups very quickly. The data is passed into our secure web portal for you to interrogate and look for player characteristics, such as:

  • Decision speed 

  • Decision speed under increasing pressure

  • Working memory 

  • Spatial awareness 

  • Depth perception 

  • Concentration 

  • Agility 

  • Foot bias and the effects of pressure on bias

  • Planning

  • Technical adaptability under pressure

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Output Sports

Output Sports is designed to make top level sports science more accessible, and makes fitness testing simple, efficient and effective, enabling you and your students to focus on the technical performance of the exercises chosen in your testing rather than logging and tracking the data. The result, extremely accurate data that is valid and reliable, easy to action and is easily stored in one on-line portal. This data is easily communicated to each and every student tested, with historical data and using RAG rating to see if the student athlete is performing optimally. There are even leaderboards to add that little bit of competition to the testing!

Contact us for demonstration and for details on packages. 

Packages are based on number of devices and number of subscriptions per license. 

Subscription to Output is on an annual basis

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