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Rezzil Index is a software designed for footballers who wish to improve their cognitive skills, players are put under pressure when making decisions. Something that cannot be done easily in training. 

Output Sports; Simple, portable, cost effective athlete tracking. Integrated performance testing so you can spend more time with your athletes, not with spreadsheets. 

One sensor 

  • 160+ Measurements

  • Key Performance Pillars

  • Combine athletic development & rehab data

in one system.

  • Efficient & accurate data.

Our Products: Rentals

Rezzil Index

Rezzil Index can be purchased directly from Rezzil a UK based company, but you must have a gaming computer/laptop and a HTC Vive Pro. Or you can hire out as an individual or as a group/club/academy.
Demonstrations can be arranged. Contact Andrew Winstone for more information

Barbell Velocity.jpg

Output Sports

An unbelievable Fitness tracking and testing device to enhance your strength and conditioning programme, or to support your rehab. In a nutshell, the Output Sports system tests and tracks multiple components of athletic performance (power, speed, mobility, barbell velocity, RSI, running mechanics etc) with a portable system.

Output Sports Pricing

For more information on the above products, please contact Andrew Winstone at

Rezzil Pricing
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